TrackTraceRx Attends Websummit in Lisbon

9 November, 2018

Lisbon, November 2018

Websummit, the largest technology fair in the world, brought together in Lisbon the greatest influencers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts.

TrackTracerRx was present during the event, participating in the talks, interacting with several entrepreneurs and established companies, in order to add value to the services and products available.

It was no coincidence, the decision of TrackTraceRx, to participate in this period of Websummit.

The European Union, through the FMD Legislation and Delegate Act of 2011 (EMVO, pharmaceuticals serialization process) the next month of February becomes mandatory the identification of prescription drugs, digital identity.

It is about introducing technology in the medicines that the population will consume, with guarantee of origin. And that involves a lot of technology that TrackTraceRx has had for more than a decade.

During this interval, there was clear, time for meetings with entities and entrepreneurs of the Pharmaceutical and Wholesaler sector to understand the local and regional market.

The next months will be decisive for this pharmaceutical segment, regarding the adequacy of software and hardware so that in February 2019 they can continue to market the medicines to the population.

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